18 Reasons Why "Jackie Chan Adventures" Was The Best Cartoon Of Your Childhood

    Jade Chan was living every kid's dream.

    1. The main character was named Jackie and based on the real Jackie Chan.

    2. Jade gave you all the kid goals.

    3. You never knew what you would find in Uncle's shop.

    4. Uncle was always there to keep Jackie on his toes with his sassy attitude.

    5. The show contained nuggets of wisdom aplenty.

    6. Jackie had some of the best stunt moves AS A CARTOON.

    7. The friendship between Jade and Tohru was adorable.

    8. Family bonds were central to the show.

    9. You sat on the edge of your seat to see where the next talisman would show up and what it would do.

    Shoutout to the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

    10. The noble animals were the epitome of cute *and* powerful.

    Haiku made you beg your mom for a pet monkey.

    11. It combined an insane amount of genres.

    12. The show was the perfect balance of serious and goofy.

    There's something magical about watching Valmont reluctantly play cowbell.

    13. Chi magic actually legitimized Uncle's alternative dance moves.

    14. The flashbacks showed cute little Jackie was just as much of a badass.

    15. The villains were outright nightmare inducing.

    But it was all the more satisfying when they were finally defeated.

    16. Two words: Captain Black.

    He's the mysterious secret leader of the government organization Section 13, with brains *and* brawn in spades.

    17. Super Moose was the cutest sidekick of all time.

    Who wouldn't want their stuffed animal to come to life and help them defeat bad guys?

    18. The J-Team gave you all the squad goals.

    Ultimately, it's a show about family and friendship that you'll never forget.

    Jackie Chan Adventures forever.