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How Much Like Wednesday Addams Are You Actually?

Hello, child of woe.

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  1. Exactly how much are you like the infamous child of woe? Check all that apply, if you dare:

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    You own more than two pieces of black clothing.
    You own more than five pieces of black clothing.
    Most of your wardrobe consists of dark colors.
    You wear all black on a regular basis.
    Your default expression is resting bitch face.
    You detest being asked to smile for photos.
    You are highly secretive.
    You're highly imaginative.
    You're extraordinarily selective when it comes to choosing friends.
    You're an introvert.
    You could probably live as a hermit just fine if you had to.
    You're deeply fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle.
    You don't understand why everyone is so afraid of spiders.
    ...or skulls.
    You're well versed in history.
    You stand up for underprivileged groups...
    And aren't afraid to go to drastic measures to show your support.
    Your tastes have been described as "eclectic" or even "eccentric."
    You aren't afraid to speak your mind or stand your ground.
    Even when it makes you unpopular.
    ...Especially when it makes you unpopular.
    You could only really stand to have a cat as a pet.
    ...or a tarantula.
    You find emotional expression difficult.
    Your favorite holiday is Halloween.
    You love all things macabre.
    Your capacity for darkness knows no bounds.
    You were born on a Wednesday.
    You're a feminist.
    "Perky" is not even remotely a term that could be used to describe you.
    You've always been mature for your age.
    You often think about the deeper mysteries of life.
    You've always been precocious.
    People have described you as "intimidating."
    You're deeply untrusting of the world.
    You feel completely comfortable and peaceful in a cemetery.
    You consider yourself agnostic or atheist.
    You've been to Bodies: The Exhibition and enjoyed it (or you want to go).
    Your angry face has the ability to frighten people.
    When someone tries to put you down, you have a witty comeback.
    You love testing boundaries.
    ...and re-defining them.
    You're a perfectionist and notice the smallest mistakes.
    You have wicked dance moves.
    You can learn nearly anything, if you cared enough to.

How Much Like Wednesday Addams Are You Actually?

Mon Cherie, we're barking up the wrong tree — you're much more like the Addams matriarch, Morticia. You might love Halloween and have a preference for black clothing, but you're decidedly not a child of woe. You're likely even a...dare we say it...optimist. *gasp*

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While you're not Wednesday, you definitely belong in the Addams family, you sly devil, you. You're intelligent, precocious, and have a taste for the macabre. Watching a disembodied hand scuttle across the floor or feeding an out-of-control venus fly trap would probably be quite exciting for you.

You're definitely an Addams.
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There you are, child of woe. You're introverted, highly intelligent, and unafraid to stand up for yourself. Your resting bitch face is top notch, and your taste for the dark mysteries of life knows no bounds. With a mind like yours, you likely are (or will become) an unstoppable force in the world.

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