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    19 Smoking Hot Reasons You're Still Not Over Cary Elwes

    "As you wish."

    1. His Dread Pirate Roberts moustache drew even more attention to his chiseled jawline, if that's possible.

    Act III Communications

    Only a handful of people in this world can pull off the pencil-thin mustache and actually make it look sexy.

    2. His devilishly handsome smirk when he played the evil meteorologist in Twister.

    Warner Bros./Universal Studios

    Yes, you read that correctly: an evil meteorologist. Because he's "in it for the money, not the science." We're just in it for Carey.

    3. This swoon-worthy "as you wish" face.

    Act III Communications

    Classic Cary. This is the face that's forever immortalized in our hearts.

    4. When he was debonair AF as Robin Hood.

    Gaumont British

    Cary playing the man in tights? Yes, please.

    5. And wielded five arrows at once.

    Gaumont British

    Feels like that's how many Cupid shot us with when we watched him in this movie.

    6. Be still, my heart.

    Gaumont British

    7. And he managed to look even better with glasses as an adorkable, bespeckled professor.

    Morgan Creek Productions

    Hot for teacher.

    8. What's that? You want more Cary Elwes?

    Act III Communications

    9. When he was the finest looking villain this side of the jungle.

    Walt Disney

    Take a minute to fully appreciate this photo. The button-down shirt, the sword, the boots, those legs, that pose.

    10. When he just came back from the dead and still managed to be dangerously good looking.

    Act III Communications


    Act III Communications

    12. Because he made us swoon over a man in uniform not once...

    20th Century Fox

    13. ... but twice.

    TriStar Pictures

    Three times if you count The Pentagon Wars. Four times if you count The Jungle Book.

    14. He looks flawless in full formal wear.

    Columbia Pictures

    (This could also double as his O face, you might imagine.)


    TriStar Pictures

    16. Yet he still manages to look suave AF as a dirt-smudged farm boy.

    Act III Communications

    No farm boy, as you wish.

    17. His incredible acting range. From a romantic lover-boy...

    Paramount Pictures

    We have serious Lady Jane envy.

    18. the fearsome Dread Pirate Roberts.

    Act III Communications

    19. And because he's still debonair.

    Twisted Pictures

    Aged like a fine wine, even when he's playing a villain.

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