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12 Reasons Why You Should See A Roller Derby Bout

Other than just for the hot athletic ladies, of course.

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2. Creative Derby names.

ESPN / Via

Hermione Danger, Joan Jett-pack, Anne Hacksaway, Mobile Chernobyl, Punky Bruiser, Princess Lay-Ya Flat, and Sarah Nailin' are just a few of the many awesome player names you'll see.

6. It unites people from nearly all walks of life.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

Where else can you see lawyers, stay at home moms, office workers, and nurses dress up, sport custom nicknames and skate like bats out of hell?

Bonus: The crowds are almost always just as diverse.

10. The halftime shows are epic.

Demolition City Roller Derby, Evansville IN / Via

You could see anything from DMX stunts to light shows, fire shows, live bands, or burlesque shows. As if the game wasn't entertaining enough, add on halftime... whoa.

12. You're literally watching history being made.

Photo: Tony Gallagher, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls at the Fillmore / Via

This newest incarnation of Derby is still very new, circa 2001-02. Only the second ever Roller Derby World Cup took place in Dallas, Texas, in December 2014. The rules are still being solidified!

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