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Let Beyoncé Help You Through The 6 Stages Of Being Broken Up With

You thought you couldn't breathe without them, but Queen Bey will get you inhalin'.

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First things first: here is the Ultimate Beyoncé Breakup Playlist.

*Sidenote to roommates: if your friend just got dumped, play this outside of their door to help them cope.

Stage 2: Denial

If Beyoncé and Jay Z can prove to the world at the VMAs that not even shit going down in the elevator can keep them apart, then surely you can win your ex back over something as minor as "them needing space" or "not being ready to commit" or you "calling them 15 times per day."

Stage 3: Pain and Guilt

Columbia Records / Via

Come here, dear HoneyBey. You're going to think you weren't good enough. You're going to think there's something wrong with you. But it just isn't true. So, stock up on some tissues, curl up with your pillow pet, and let it out. But don't you dare let Vogue tell you thinner is better.

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