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This Skincare Line May Be Inexpensive, But It Feels Super Luxurious

Live the high life on a budget. ✨

Skincare lovers, REJOICE: You no longer need to choose between saving money and enjoying a ✨luxe-feeling✨ beauty routine.

Why, you say? C&C by Clean & Clear has everything you need to not only tackle breakouts and refresh your complexion, but to also feel SUPER rewarded every time you use them. Everything smells d-e-l-i-g-h-t-f-u-l (we're talking lavender, mint, and more), is made with uncomplicated formulas, and feels amazing on your face.

There's something for every step of your usual routine: toners, facial cleaners, masks, you name it! All of them are oil-free (with the exception of the Over Zit Spot Patches) and aren't tested on animals. 🐰 AND they're gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free!

Essentially, if you love to feel luxurious *without* paying steep prices — this skincare line is for you. In fact, the line was co-created with customers and designed to fit into busy schedules so you ALWAYS have time to treat yourself.

Take care of any tears of joy you may have and then continue on to learn allllll about your new faves. LET'S BEGIN!

1. A No Glow anti-shine stick absorbs oil and blurs pores for up to ~12 hours~. Meaning you'll finally be able to enjoy an all-day matte look — the outcome of a high-end routine or just your new trusty sidekick? We'll let everyone else decide.

2. A Chill Out cooling facial cleanser, because this'll hit the refresh button on skin in need of some serious TLC. Its minty fresh formula thoroughly removes dirt and oil so your pores can enjoy a welcome pick-me-up on your (cheap) dime.

3. A Mask One pink peel-off mask for removing clogged pores (goodbye, blackheads) and clearing away excess oil and dirt in the chicest way imaginable. Fresh skin AND an Instaworthy routine? You can't ask for much more.

4. A Tough Love peppermint facial toner so you can end the day with a **tingly** treatment so darn refreshing, you may forget about your acne entirely. Its salicylic acid and glycerin formula reaches deep into your pores to not only clear whiteheads and blackheads, but make sure they never come back. Goodnight, breakouts, indeed.

5. A Black Out coffee facial scrub that'll confront blackheads ~head on~ and help you squeeze in a refreshing exfoliation, even when pressed for time. It gently lifts dirt, oil, and dead skin to reveal a brighter complexion *and* soothes you with a heavenly coffee scent. Translation: Your bathroom is now a spa.

6. A set of Over Zit hydrocolloid patches, because these'll transform pesky breakouts into your new favorite accessory. But they're not just a pretty face — they'll help drain pimples and help them heal before you have time to pick. Who knew acne could feel so rewarding?

7. A Don't Flake ultra-lightweight gel moisturizer for *flaking* on dry skin without sacrificing a pampering routine. Its water-based formula absorbs quickly and leaves previously parched complexions soft and touchable. You'll feel so refreshed that you may just want to grab a fluffy robe.

8. A Total Zen mousse facial cleanser to help you unwind SO well, you'll probably go to bed right in your bathroom. Its calming lavender scent works to soothe you, while its gentle formula foams as you lather and relieves irritated skin. Think of this as a bubble bath for your face — that happens to also help clear acne.

9. A Muscle Bar charcoal cleansing bar so you can confront dirty skin with a healthy dose of GOODNESS. Its combo of pumice and detoxifying charcoal exfoliates dirt and buildup, while its 🙌 eucalyptus 🙌 scent boosts your mood.

10. A set of So Wiped tropical face wipes that'll take you on a vacation from dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Use them as traditional makeup-removing wipes, or take 'em on the go as a quick refresh after the gym (sweat = breakouts). Either way, their beach-y scent will serve as a definite perk.

11. A pack of Done & Done dual-sided cleansing pads, because these'll bring the feeling of high-end skincare right to your fingertips for super cheap. Each pad has two dual-textured sides and salicylic acid to clear breakouts, break up dirt and oil, and refresh your complexion in just one, two, swipe.

Want to learn even more? Of course you do! Be sure to visit the full collection to check out all your new favorites.