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This 100 Years Of Zombie Evolution Is Amazing

So frighteningly good.

Top Trending, "Dying Light," and an insanely good makeup team transformed one man into the many evolutions of the zombie, and it's amazing.

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1930's Voodoo Zombie

These bad boys were transformed into the classic monster after drinking a magic potion like in White Zombie, the first zombie film. They couldn't think for themselves, and were still living.

1960's Living Dead Nightmare

George A. Romero scared the living crap out of people with the zombies in Night of the Living Dead.

Early 2000's Rabid Zombie

After seeing these terrifying infected humans in movies like 28 Days Later, all your hope in surviving a zombie apocalypse went out the window.

2010's Walker

Zombies went full-gore in shows like The Walking Dead, and the walkers were virtually immortal.

2015's Bloody Undead

Zombies have taken a bloody turn in more graphic video games like "Dying Light."

Good luck sleeping tonight.