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Women Were Given A Self-Love Beauty Routine And It Changed Everything

"Damn, I'm beautiful."

Revlon and Fordham University decided to see if a daily beauty and self-love routine would drastically affect women and their relationships. They got a handful of women to perform a daily ritual, journaling, and self-affirmation. This is what happened:

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Couples were first quizzed on their relationship and asked to identify the female partner's biggest turn-ons and insecurities. Many of the women pointed toward confidence.


The women were then given a ritual to do every day for a week. It was as follows:


Find a private place where you can spend a couple of minutes going through the ritual:

- Look at yourself in the mirror.

- Apply fragrance or scented lotion.

- Apply eye makeup.

- Enjoy a mint or piece of chocolate.

- Apply lipstick or gloss.

- Take a slow, deep breath.

- Look at yourself in the mirror.

- Smile.

Repeat daily.

Experiment with trying different times of day or different order of steps.

After the week was over, they returned for a post-interview, not knowing their partners were behind the stage listening...


...and they loved every single thing they heard.

Many of the women admitted to feeling more confident and open to love.


Being told to appreciate themselves for a little bit every day had some big payoffs...


...including making their relationships stronger than ever.


At the end of the study, 97% of women felt a positive change in themselves, and 85% felt like they noticed a positive reaction from others.

The study also found that "71% reported an increased desire for romance, 69% were more open to finding love, 77% felt more outgoing and social, and 74% said they were more likely to flirt."