What You Think Will Happen Freshman Year Vs. What Really Happens

Naps on naps.

1. You will party every day all day.

Silver Pictures / Via andrwscott.co.vu

What really happens:


12:00 a.m. rolls around, people get a little sloppy, you’re really tired, and it’s time to GTFO.

2. Dating a senior as a freshman will be really cool and romantic.

20th Century Fox

What really happens:

Paramount Pictures / Via ignitesocialmedia.com

Dating a senior as a freshman is kind of creepy, and doesn’t work.

3. Your dorm room will look like it’s straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

Pottery Barn

What really happens:

You’ll be lucky if you can even fit a Pottery Barn catalogue in it.

4. You won’t gain the freshman fifteen.

You’ve got that healthy eating lifestyle on lock.

What really happens:

Unless you go to a school with a ton of stairs and healthy food, you’ll be making quite a few late night Taco Bell runs.

5. You will meet your best friends for life at freshman orientation.

Columbia Pictures / Via fuckyeahpineappleexpress.tumblr.com

What really happens:


You stick with your roommate until you gradually develop friends through classes and clubs.

6. You will have the energy to go out every night.


What really happens:

You will say you’re going out, then fall asleep before getting ready.

7. You don’t need to study that much.


What really happens:

NBC / Via mashable.com

If you don’t go to class and study, your week before finals will be a living hell.

8. Everyone will be single, and ready and willing to hook up with you.

What really happens:

Tons of freshmen are trying the whole long distance thing or they’re going after upperclassmen.

9. You and your roommate will be the best friends that ever happened.

ABC Family / Via collegetimes.com

What really happens:

There’s a large possibility your roommate will just be a roommate, or even worse…

10. With all this free time, you’ll have time to work out and get in shape.

What really happens:

With all this free time, you’ll think of so much more to do than work out.

11. Your parents will help you pay for everything.


What really happens:


Your parents will soon realize you’re not using their money for books.

12. Taking an 8:00 a.m. will give you free afternoons.

Universal Pictures

What really happens:


You’ll use that free afternoon as an invitation for a nap.

13. All-nighters will be a piece of cake.


What really happens:

Warner Bros.

All-nighters are the worst thing that ever happened to you.

14. Freshman year won’t go by that fast:

20th Century Fox / Via bloodydifficult.tumblr.com

What really happens:

It goes by that fast.

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