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What Facebook Would Look Like Without Everything You Hate

"Finally, we added that 'dislike' button you've been clamoring for."

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College Humor recently created the ideal Facebook update we've all been waiting for, that only leaves the good stuff and adds the ever desirable "dislike" button.

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Oh you say you hate ads? Good thing they'll disappear!

Are you totally over all those news sites? Now you can remove that crap from your feed FOR GOOD.

Now, let's talk about the friends you really don't care about anymore. There's an algorithm so you only see your most important friends.

See ya later Steve from high school.

And let's say "sayonara" to all those who like to overshare.


Also, let's get rid of the technically challenged while we're at it.

Sick of all the FOMO? Every cool friend and their ~sick parties~ have been banished!

After removing the political junkies, argumentative friends, and #blessed posts, you'll be left with the power to dislike everything.

It will just be you and the dislike button!

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