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We Tried Out Pinterest Hair Tutorials And This Is What Happened

"I have testicles on my head."

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We got four women to try out a few of the most popular Pinterest hair tutorials, and it was a little harder than we expected.

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Every woman had a different hair type, from thin and straight to thick and wavy.


Our first challenge was a simple Two-Minute Updo.

Hello Natural /

But, coming in with a fair amount of confidence, we quickly realized the hair gods may have not blessed us with styling skills.


We moved on to another relatively simple hairstyle: The Easy Hair Bow...

Alicia Hentemann /

...and we got some mixed results.


We then moved onto the Straightened Braid Waves tutorial.

Hey Wanderer /

We ended up with the waves, but the women with thicker hair got a little more than they bargained for.


Although some of us were riding the struggle bus, practice makes perfect, and just know you aren't the only one out there having a hard time.

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