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Can You Get Through Watching Jake Gyllenhaal Training For "Southpaw" Without Feeling Things?

Could you do 1,000 sit-ups?

Before we get started, just play this song while you read along.


Wait, actually, this will do.


So here's the deal: In order to get in tip-top shape for Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal spent EIGHT months training his heart out two times a day, EVERY DAY. And here's the footage that will make you feel things.

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You ready for the man bun-sanity?

Did we forget to mention, director Antoine Fuqua trained with him as the cherry on top of the sweaty sundae?

Gyllenhaal did multiple speed bag drills repeatedly to help him nail the perfect punch and "look" like a boxer.

He also lifted a 300-pound tire 20 times, just 'cause, you know, arms and legs.

Oh, and he also did 1,000 sit-ups and 100 pull-ups a day.

Not to mention, his cardio routine was absolute insanity which included eight-mile runs and countless minutes of pure death on the VersaClimber.

As an incredible result, the actor gained 15 pounds of pure, beautiful muscle.

Looks like hard work pays off.

Never change, Jake.

You can find the full workout here, if you dare.