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    Incredible Volunteers Were Able To Resuscitate A Dog With CPR

    A case of mouth-to-snout.

    Dog owners in Tampa, Florida were letting their pups play at a local park, when a yellow lab, Zena, ran a little too far into the ocean to chase a ball and started drowning.

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    A brave bystander immediately ran into the water, pulled the dog out, and started giving it CPR.

    Others began to help, and another volunteer helped by performing mouth-to-mouth on the poor pup.

    Coincidentally, a team of firefighters was passing through, and immediately ran over to help after seeing the crowd.

    Captain Tim Hayes told WFLA Tampa, "We were able to use one of the human masks to put over the dog to make it work, but our rescue cars carry the special equipment for the dogs.”

    After a few minutes of CPR and oxygen, Zena was amazingly back on her feet!

    Her owner said she's doing just fine! Stay safe out there.