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Oct 2, 2014

26 Truly Ironic Hipster Problems

"What do you mean you've seen every Wes Anderson movie?"

1. When your haircut turns out a little more Macklemore than Phil.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

2. Spending $200 on an outfit that looks like it cost $5.

3. Seeing there's no parking space for your fixed-gear bike.

4. Trying to get your pour-over coffee in your Mason jar.

5. Seeing someone who has a better beard than you.

6. Or discovering you can't even grow an ironic mustache.

7. Having to resort to CDs because your vinyl won't fit in your bag.

8. Realizing your cat outwardly reflects how you feel on the inside.

9. Not finding anywhere to develop your film.

10. Being faced with this heartbreaking decision.

11. Or this one.

12. Finding out you ran out of these bad boys.

13. Using VSCO filters before it was cool.

14. Wearing a beanie after realizing it's too hot for sleeves.

15. Discovering the store is out of kale.

16. Finding out that great band is starting to become too commercial.

17. Knowing VSCO cam can't even fix your contrast.

18. When there isn't a Helvetica or triangle option.

19. Seeing your favorite coffee shop is being taken over by basics.

20. Losing or breaking your Ray-Ban glasses.

21. Finding out that great Wes Anderson film is more popular than you thought.

22. Eating your gluten-free, vegan meal before taking a picture of it.

23. Seeing someone took the last PBR.

24. Spilling your coffee while intensely reading a book.

25. Forgetting to store your Polaroids in a cool place.

26. Knowing in the end, you truly are cooler than everybody else.

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