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    42 Thoughts Everyone Has On Instagram

    Your thoughts with #NoFilter.

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    1. Wow, this picture's really cute! I'm going to upload it to Instagram.

    2. My friend's going to kill me, because they look terrible but I look so good.

    3. Should I hold off until tomorrow morning for more likes?

    4. *opens Instagram* Oh my god that cat picture is so cute. *double tap*

    5. Jenny has to see THIS. *presses the comment button and tags friend's name*

    6. *scrolls* Ew.

    7. *scrolls* I thought I unfollowed you.

    8. *scrolls* Great, another workout pic from Katie.

    9. *scrolls* Wait who is that hot person with Laura?

    10. *clicks to profile* Wow, this person is really fucking hot. I wonder if they're single.

    11. *accidentally double taps on picture from 36 weeks ago* SHIT! NO! UNDO!


    12. Well that's great. I hope they don't have push notifications.

    13. Wait, what was I doing again?

    14. Oh right, posting that picture.

    15. Not to be full of myself, but I look really cute in this.

    16. All right, time to choose a filter.

    17. OMG is this a new filter? I feel like I haven't seen it before.

    18. "Slumber," "Mayfair," "Rise" — what kind of names are these? Who thinks of these names?

    19. I want that job.

    20. Oh, Valencia! Always a safe choice.

    21. Damn, this might be the best picture I've ever taken. *presses the next button*

    22. How can I make a clever caption out of this?

    23. God, why is this so hard?

    24. On second thought, I don't think I'm going to go with Valencia.

    25. *taps back arrow* OK, hmmm what's a good option?

    26. Who uses Nashville anymore... or Kelvin?

    27. What ever happened to those frames you could choose from? I miss those…

    28. OK, X-Pro II it is. COOL. *presses next button*

    29. Hmmm "Write a caption..." "This girl..."

    30. No… "Girls night out." Yes, that's short and simple.

    31. Do I tag her? She really doesn't look that good...

    32. … But what if she gets mad if I don't tag her?

    33. OK I'm just going to tag her and hope she doesn't ask me to take it down.


    34. If I name the location, does it make me seem like I want people to know where I was?

    35. What if someone really creepy finds my profile and seeks me out?

    36. Nah, I won't put a location.

    37. Should I upload it to Facebook?

    38. If I do, my mom's going to see my drink and totally ask me what I was doing.

    39. But I look so good and I want my ex to see.

    40. All right, I'm going to upload it to Facebook and block my mom from seeing it. *presses share button*

    41. *waits 30 seconds* STILL NOT ONE LIKE?!

    42. Shit, I should have used VSCOcam.


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