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    This Mini Pop-Tart Recipe Will Awaken Your Childhood Soul


    A Pop Tart is a classic staple of '90s America (and today, I guess), so why not have a simple recipe that you can make at home? Public Lives, Secret Recipes created a recipe for making the perfect mini Pop-Tarts.

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    For the dough, mix and knead the flour, melted butter, sugar, and one egg yolk together.

    Mix in an extra egg yolk to help the dough roll out evenly.

    DISCLAIMER: If this is too many things to do, you can use store-bought puff pastry instead.

    Cut your dough into cute little squares and top them with a tiny dollop (1 tsp) of jam. Put more cute, tiny squares on top and seal 'em off with a fork.

    While the tarts are baking for 30 minutes, you can make your frosting to give them a little POP. Lemon, powdered sugar, and food coloring is all you need.

    Glaze and sprinkle those puppies and pop 'em into your mouth OR YOU CAN EAT THEM AS CEREAL, according to the recipe creator.

    Check out BuzzFeed's full-size Pop-Tart recipe below:

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