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The Science Behind The Claw Machine Will Enrage You

The science will enrage you.

Remember when all your childhood dreams were crushed when the claw didn't work out in your favor? It turns out you didn't suck, the machine did. The people over at Vox explain how it's just like a slot machine. Prepare to be enraged.

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History writer Phil Edwards looked at the instruction manuals of some of the most popular claw games and found a sad, sad discovery: The machine grabs things only when it's profitable.

The machine makes sure to calculate if it's financially responsible to go "full-claw" and grab your stuffed animal. In other words, the machine will only let you win if it's made up for the cost of the prize.

That being said, the machine will give the claw full power about once every 21 attempts. BUT to make matters worse, these chances are randomized!

And to be even further dicks about it, they intentionally programmed a setting to make it look like you almost won a prize.

This way you'll be like, "I almost got it. I have to play again."

So next time you play, remember, it's not you, it's them.

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