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We Tried Out Pinterest Hair Tutorials And This Is What Happened

Looks like things are about to get Pinteresting.

With Pinterest being one of the most popular beauty resources, we got five women with different hair types to try out the most popular DIY hairstyles.

Allison: I'm Jewish so I got that Jew hair: longish, darkish, curlyish, frizzyish.

Kirsten: I have short, thick, wavy hair. I've never been very into doing my hair, so this is going to be interesting for me. I'll be excited if I can find some quick, easy hairstyles.

Candace: Ever since I was a little kid, I've been "blessed" with more hair than I can handle. It always air-dries into a a grown-ass Simba mane.

Kristin: I have long, fine, curly hair. If it's too long I look like a cocker spaniel; if it's too short, it frizzes up and I look like a clown. I am bad at Pinterest, so I do not have high hopes for this.

Sheridan: Well, I'm black. But really, I like to describe my hair as "What the fuck are you?" It does this weird curly-wavy-straight thing and there's a reason why I see my hairdresser as often as possible.

The Half-Crown Braid Tutorial from Hair Romance from the front...

...and from the back:

Allison: Not to be Allison Bragg, but I was pretty sure this one was going to be easy for me since I’ve been known to dabble in the braid crown. My technique is typically the poor man’s version of this, so I was a little thrown off, but overall it was pretty easy.

Kirsten: This one isn't bad. I mean, I am pretty bad at hair, but I can conquer a braid, so this one wasn't terrible for me. Though I do wish I had some Rapunzel locks to make this look cooler.

Candace: Braiding is actually a way for me to pin down the puffiness of my hair. It was hard to determine how much hair to actually grab though. I was really proud of my braids, so I discovered I DID get something out of Girl Scouts.

Kristin: I got lucky. I got so lucky. I was not expecting this turn out OK and THEN IT TOTALLY DID. I haven't seen it from the back, but I suspect I am living the American hair dream. Also, taking this out was easier than putting this in.

Sheridan: Like WTF kind of black magic is this shit? The chick's hair looks FLAWLESS in the tutorial, and if she's gonna tell me she didn't blow-dry, straighten, then perfectly wave the bottom in order to have a good base to do this, then buh-bye. In the end, it didn't look as terrible as I thought it would, but let's be honest, this style is for longer hair.

The Two-Minute Updo With a Headband from Hello Natural

Allison: LOL! We all looked like George Washington or judges from the 18th century.

Kirsten: Is my rat tail out? My ears kept poking out like that girl from Lord of the Rings. Actually, just Orlando Bloom. But like a not-hot version. Also, this did not take me two minutes. This could come out at any second. Actually — like right now, it is coming out right now.

Candace: I think my hair is just too damn thick for the Pinterest lifestyle. I aimed for 1920s chic, but because of how bad I am with hair, I got George Washington mixed with Princess Leia.

Kristin: I think this only takes two minutes if you are good at things, which I am not. Also, my hair is way too fine for this. I feel like I'm wearing a hat. Allison and Kirsten look good, though.

Sheridan: I feel like it's the Regency era and I'm a Bennet sister but no one mentions me because I'm worse than Lydia.

The Easy Hair Bow from Beautylish

Allison: I was so excited for this one because it’s a BOW MADE OF HAIR, GUYS! But it ended up looking like three buns on the top of my head. Whatever, I’m not mad at it. Going to try this every day for the rest of 2015 and see if I can perfect it. Hoping to really nail it down as my summer look.

Kirsten: I feel like this is a hairstyle that I would see on Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Or maybe Ariana Grande would wear this and people would look at you like, "How does that girl not have a headache?"

Candace: I swear, it is pretty much impossible for me to line something up perfectly in the center of my head. I need to live in the '80s where everything was to the side. I'm proud because I could actually get a semi-decent bow, but the lopsidedness was so sad, so, so sad.

Kristin: Look, I've always wanted to join the Mickey Mouse Club, so this worked out fine for me.

Sheridan: LOL. No.

The Half-Up Criss-Cross Updo from Ma Nouvelle Mode from the side...

...and from the back:

Allison: I don’t get this one at all. It’s just like a half pony thing? Also teasing my hair is a big mistake, and I know not to go there.

Kirsten: When I teased my hair that gave me a nice "after sex" look, but not the kind you want, the kind where you run into the bathroom and fix yourself so the person isn't terrified of you.

Candace: So, I feel like Snooki pre-baby right now, and I'm ready for my duckface selfie. You're supposed to tease your hair for more volume in the tutorial, and I should have known not to do that based on how poofy my hair already is.

Kristin: This took me three tries. I tried so hard, you guys, but all I got was mad bumps. My hair just didn't wanna. No amount of back-combing was gonna make this happen for me. Now I just have a head full of frizz.

Sheridan: So, according to the tutorial, short hair girls can totally rock this hairstyle, and I have to say...doesn't look too terrible. The teasing was my favorite part — it brought me back to my picturesque New Jersey childhood in which bumps were REQUIRED. I wish I had a little bit straighter hair just so that the sides would look less frizzy and a little more ~sleek~ but I didn't hate this so SUCCESS.

The Straightened Braid Waves Tutorial from Hey Wanderer

Allison: This made me look like I’m in an '80s hair band. I guess it’s supposed to curl your hair, but it kind of straightened mine?

Kirsten: I think I should have tried larger braids because I kinda look like I got electrocuted. This hairstyle was described as "after beach" wavy and I look like "after I got caught in the undertow" wavy.

Candace: Welp, I was super excited about this, thinking, "YAS I can finally do my hair in under an hour." Wrong, so wrong. I ended up getting this, like, '00s middle school crimped-lion hybrid. I made my natural waves turn into teeny tiny riptides. I feel like I have no skill.

Kristin: Yeah, my hair looks the same.

Sheridan: I feel like this hairstyle actually made my hair look straighter. I could totally rock this look normally — no sarcasm. Maybe people will mistake me for Solange Knowles. Don't white people think that all black people look alike? They'll be like, "Black girl, big hair, Solange, Solange!" I'm just getting carried away now. This one is an A+, y'all.

After putting our hair expertise to the test, we had some final thoughts: