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This Guy Had The Best Reaction On "Jeopardy" And Completely Owned Homophobic Haters

"Being gay, having gay friends, and participating in gay culture has added untold richness to my life. I wanted to illustrate that."

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HitFix writer and comedian Louis Virtel had the best reaction to winning the Jeopardy Daily Double, and later wrote an ode to the trivia show and how it caused him to reflect on his own sexuality.

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After his snap went viral, he wrote a heartfelt piece about his one regret on Jeopardy and his sexual orientation.


And no, it wasn't the fact that he snapped. He said, "But I hate, hate, hate that I didn't just say 'I'm gay' on air." Even though Virtel believes people would have already known he was gay, he mentions how radically different the Jeopardy audience is from his website's demographic.

After he started writing his article and ode to Jeopardy, "I also realized how much my serious obsession with Jeopardy shrinks in comparison to my commitment to owning my gayness as outwardly and as explicitly as possible," he told BuzzFeed.

But all that aside, let's talk about his epic reaction to his haters:

After the snap, of course there were "those people," but he brushed it off perfectly.

"As a kid growing up in the suburbs who venerated everything about Jeopardy, I would've loved seeing an expressive gay contestant own his homosexuality as well as the buzzer," he said in his piece.


He told BuzzFeed, "Saying I'm gay on Jeopardy, a show that routinely features questions about straight relationships and contestant interviews about meeting straight spouses, would've been a nice way to say, 'I'm thrilled to own and live this.'"