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This Guy Creates Insanely Adorable Monsters Out Of Coffee Stains

One man's splash is another man's monster.

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German illustrator and copywriter Stefan Kuhnigk works at an ad agency by day and creates magical monsters out of coffee stains by night.

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Stefan told BuzzFeed his creations began when he was sitting in a meeting in November 2011 and got a little bored (and clumsy).

"I spilled some coffee on a piece of paper," he told BuzzFeed, "And found something: A coffeemonster. I let it dry and tried to draw what I saw in it." From there, he created his first monster (above).

He knew he had to make a series out of it. He said, "My colleagues were like, 'What the heck are you doing there?' Because on the next day I spilled it on purpose."

Since then, he has tried every day to make masterpieces out of his little accidents. All of his monsters have their own personalities and a unique appearance.

"Most of the monsters I create are sweet, lovely, and sometimes just evil, because I like giving them an edge," he said.

He's already made nearly 500 little characters.

As for his daily technique, he simply tosses a splash of coffee onto paper.

To him, the randomness is what makes his monsters so interesting. "What I enjoy most is the creation and the coincidence of coffee hitting paper," he said.

After the spill, he waits at least four hours before starting to draw.

He told BuzzFeed, "I try to see a character or figure in it, and when i find something, I draw it. Tadaaa. That's coffeemonsterlicious."

And sometimes there's beauty in simplicity.

You can check out all of Stefan's work and monsters on his Instagram.