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These Best Friends Recreated A Picture At 10, 17, And 29 And It's Perfect

Some friendships do last a lifetime.

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On Nov. 9, L.A. native Kevin Opos posted a time lapse picture on Reddit of his friends that spans nearly 20 years, and it's amazing.

The photos, taken in 1995, 2002, and 2014, all took place at Kevin's house on his birthday. One of the friends, Ben Danon (far right), said, "All of us are friends with Kevin and growing up his home was our second home."

As for the second photo, Danon said, "We hung out a lot as teenagers and I guess before some of us went away to college, we decided to do a recreation [after rediscovering the photo] at 17."

Photo courtesy of Kevin Opos

And yeah, they've changed physically. But Matt Gruber (far left) said, "I have a mirror and understand that my hair is gone and I have gained weight, but you can't see my personality through the picture. And besides, I care more about my child then my looks."

And the soy milk in place of the soda? Well, that's because "my parents stopped drinking that sugar-filled garbage because I taught them about being health conscious after I learned as you can see by my weight change," Kevin (second right) said.

The guys mostly agree that trust, communication, and just making an effort to see each other has kept their friendship going strong.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Opos

Kevin said, "We've kept our friendship together for so many years because there's trust we have for one another that surpasses just being friends, and we feel more like brothers."

Aviv Edelstein (front in original photo) said, "It's really easy to maintain a friendship when you sincerely enjoy someone's company, care about them, respect them, and want to see them succeed in all aspects of life."

The group can all also agree on Kevin being the glue that holds everyone together. Mykil Bachoian (middle in original photo) said, "I think is [sic] safe to stay [sic] that we were Kevin's best 5 friends growing up, so each of us had our own relationship with Kevin, but yet there was also a group dynamic when we all got together. It's always been like that and will always be like that."

After seeing the incredible response, Aviv said, "I think part of it may be in response to the lack of representation of male friendships in popular culture. I cannot think of a book, movie, or TV show that depicts male friendships without any guns, violence, or death."

Joel Atia (second left in original photo) said, "It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that we made such an impact on people throughout the world, who were in disbelief that we were able to maintain our friendship for so many years. I guess its [sic] rare these days to keep friends and not hate each other."