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This Barber Gives Free Badass Haircuts To The Homeless On His Days Off

"Clean cut, clean start."

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Nasir Sobhani, aka "The Street Barber," might be the coolest barber in the history of hairstyling. PLGRM recently documented his amazing story and generosity — he works during the week and gives the homeless amazing haircuts on the weekends.

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An ex–drug addict and follower of the Baha'i faith, Nasir fills up his hands with tattoos, one for every year he's sober. Much of his job and volunteer work is to thank for his sobriety.

He found that his job and his struggle with addiction had some things in common: You have to take it a day at a time.

Nasir mentioned he felt "so ashamed" every day as an addict and sees this same feeling in a lot of his "street clients."

He noticed that these men and women needed to "engage in some form of intimacy with a human being that actually cares for them." And thus the street barber was born.

Some of Nasir's clients have been on the street for as little as three weeks, but he makes sure to hear and spread each and every one of their stories.

Nasir said of Janko (above) in his caption, "He envied the fact that I was able to use natural means to find true happiness. It was so heart-warming when he said that and it gave me newfound inspiration to continue doing what I'm doing. It amazed me that within a few moments I went from being ridiculed to being the recipient of kind words."

As a former addict, he's not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions about his clients' dependencies on drugs and alcohol.

His power to transform anyone is amazing! "A haircut can do so much for someone," Nasir said.

Yes for "clean cuts, clean starts!"


You can follow Nasir on Instagram here, and see more of PLGRM's work here.

H/T Reddit user justlikebuddyholly

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