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19 Things That Still Haunt People Who Went To Catholic School

Bring on the guilt and plaid.

1. The fear that God is always watching, regardless of your current spirituality.

*says the Lord's name in vain*

*starts sweating*

2. The hatred you have toward plaid after wearing it for half of your life.

3. The need to still leave room for the Holy Spirit while you dance.

4. The worry that your skirt is two inches too short.

5. The fear that you might get pregnant by immaculate conception.

6. The never-ending fear of getting caught in a public display of affection.

7. The mystery of what you would be the patron saint of.

8. The subconscious shout-out you give to St. Anthony anytime you lose something.

9. The fear that a nun might come smack you for forgetting the Nicene Creed.

10. The question of whether or not you're drinking wine or THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.

11. The mistake of thinking you have Good Friday off in the real world.

12. The guilt you have when you don't make it to church EVERY Sunday.

13. The burning image of your school's logo you can't help but see on every polo you purchase.

14. The dilemma of whether or not your sin was a regular one or a mortal one.

Where would cutting someone off in traffic fall in the going-to-hell spectrum?

15. The automatic need to tuck in your shirt at all times.

16. The subconscious obligation to pay or donate to charity every time you dress down.

17. The thought that you still need to do a required amount of community service.

18. The incomplete feeling you get when you don't have a visible smudge on Ash Wednesday.

19. The fear that God can probably hear all your sexual thoughts, no matter how quiet they are.

On the bright side: People who feel constantly guilty GET SHIT DONE.