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22 Things No One Tells You About Being In A Long-Distance Relationship

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1. People tend to not take you seriously when you say you're doing it.

Screen Gems

"Oh, you really think that will work?"

2. You don't realize how sad you'll be until your S.O. actually leaves.

Oxygen / Via

I'll be fine... THIS IS SO BAD.

3. You often have to resort to a ton of voice calls or messaging.

Nobody looks good with a frozen face. Let's be real.

4. In order for it to work, you have to both be equally committed.


5. Time tends to slow down, because you're counting down the minutes until they come back.

And every second feels like an hour.

6. The internet can be your worst enemy...


Oh Skype went down? Cool. iMessage too? Awesome.

7. ...or your best friend.

Those uninterrupted, crystal clear video calls are one in a million.

8. Flying out to see them is more expensive than you think.

Bravo / Via

$600, one way.................nope.

9. Every day, there will be things that trigger memories of your S.O. that will cause you to randomly cry.

NBC / Via


10. "Distance" starts to mean something completely different.

11. You become more a good way.

NBC / Via

You have infinitely more "me" time to focus on yourself and what you want in life.

12. Trust and communication become the two most important things that can make or break your relationship.

Don't let this happen to you. Because you spend the majority of the days without each other, you have to trust that they are committed.

13. Conversations aren't always lively.


14. When you see anyone kiss or hug on TV, you experience a moment of debilitating sadness.

20th Century Fox / Via

15. You're more attached to your phone than ever.


Cannot. Miss. A. Message.

16. Planning becomes your forté in life.

With the 15-hour time difference, full work schedule, and time for sleep... we have exactly one hour on Saturday.

17. You get a lot more negative comments than positive from friends...

FOX / Via

If I hear "That must be really hard," or "What's the point?" ONE MORE TIME.

18. Every time you see mutual friends, you're asked about your S.O. and the whole "long distance" situation.

CW / Via

"We're still together. Thanks for the support..."

19. You have more opportunities to be a little romantic and creative.

You get to send care packages with things that they might not have where they are and vice versa. Even sending handwritten notes over nice texts makes the process more fun and genuine.

20. The thirst is real and unavoidable, but pretty easy to deal with.

Let's be real though. The thirst is only for them.

21. Your time is now focused on the friendship portion of your relationship.

ABC / Via

It's all about how well you can make each other laugh, learn about each other, and keep a conversation.

22. Seeing them after those months is the best feeling in the world, and makes all the effort worth it.

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