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    Jan 31, 2015

    23 Things Extroverts Won't Ever Say

    "Please don't call on me."

    1. "It's not that I'm just being nice, I'm actually flirting with you."

    2. *deadpan* "I'm so excited."

    3. "I don't think I've ever overshared about my life."

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    4. "I hate being in the spotlight. IT BURNS."

    5. "I'm sorry, am I speaking too softly?"

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    6. "Look, I really need everyone to stop talking so I can get my work done."


    7. "Please don't leave me alone with strangers. I can't handle small talk."

    8. "I'm more of a listener, not a talker."

    9. "You know, I just feel like spending a cozy Friday night in."


    10. "Giving hugs is just the worst."

    11. "I really just need time alone to think about this."

    12. "I'm going to pretend to be on a phone call so I don't have to talk to strangers."

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    13. "Thank GOD I get to work on this project alone."

    14. "I don't really get FOMO."

    15. "I pride myself on how good I am at thinking before speaking."


    16. "Oh my God, something amazing just happened. Maybe I should just keep it to myself."


    17. "I'm usually the first one to leave a party."

    18. "I mean, I don't think people see me as a very intense person."


    19. "Please don't call on me. Please don't call on me."

    20. "People see me as more of a cat than a dog."

    21. "No, that's totally fine to cancel. I need some 'me-time' anyway."

    22. "I just wish I had more energy to do things."

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    23. "I'm too shallow and airheaded for this world."


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