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26 Things College Seniors Won't Miss Saying Once They Graduate

Just think, you'll never have to read another syllabus again.

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2. "Wait, this textbook is how much?"

There goes my savings since I was 5.


9. "I'm not sure I can afford to pre-game AND go out five nights a week."

Decisions, decisions.

11. "I can't stay out too late. I have to get up for my 8 AM."

I can either go out and show up to class as a zombie or stay in and look well-rested.


12. "I can't go tonight. I have a night class."

I wanted to have a free day but now it's just endless nights with a dose of FOMO.

13. "I can't really go in my room, because my roommate and her 'friend' are 'studying.'"

Have you ever thought about a land free of being sexiled?

14. On a Saturday: "I haven't started studying for my Monday exam."

Is there ever a time where procrastination isn't an option?


22. "I can't go to dinner. I need to spend my meal points."

Because you don't get that money back, and you don't want an angry mom.


25. "Is getting another degree worth not going into the real world?"

Maybe I can just have it as a fallback in case I can't find a job...but then that means more tests.