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26 Things College Seniors Won't Miss Saying Once They Graduate

Just think, you'll never have to read another syllabus again.

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So you're graduating. It might feel like the end of the world right now, but think of all the things you'll never have to say again!

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1. "What? The class is already full?! I haven't even gotten to sign up yet."


I literally got online to sign up at 7:01, and you're telling me the class is full? I have to graduate on time.

2. "Wait, this textbook is how much?"

There goes my savings since I was 5.

3. "And now you're telling me after I dropped $150 I don't even NEED this book?"

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What a waste of a tree.

4. "I lost my syllabus."



5. "God, what if I run into (person you hooked up with at the first party of the year) going to class?"

Once I actually move to a metropolitan area it will be impossible!

6. "My professor only allows us to miss one class, and I've already used it."


I can't skip another class, no matter how pretty the day is. Would it be worth dropping by half a letter grade?

7. "I will never use the information from this class in the real world."

When will I ever need to label the organs of a dead cat? I'm a film major.

8. "I didn't do the reading."

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I mean, is it really that important?

9. "I'm not sure I can afford to pre-game AND go out five nights a week."

Decisions, decisions.

10. "We really need to establish a time for the group to get this presentation together."

EXCEPT NO ONE WANTS TO HELP AT ALL. Do I have to do everything?!

11. "I can't stay out too late. I have to get up for my 8 AM."

I can either go out and show up to class as a zombie or stay in and look well-rested.

12. "I can't go tonight. I have a night class."

I wanted to have a free day but now it's just endless nights with a dose of FOMO.

13. "I can't really go in my room, because my roommate and her 'friend' are 'studying.'"

Have you ever thought about a land free of being sexiled?

14. On a Saturday: "I haven't started studying for my Monday exam."

Is there ever a time where procrastination isn't an option?

15. "What grade do I need to get on this final to keep from staying another semester?"

I just have to make it to the next semester.
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I just have to make it to the next semester.

16. "I have three research papers due next week and I really don't know when I'll be able to do them."

AND I have to have at least 10 scholarly sources each?!

17. "I'm going to need to pull an all-nighter to finish this."


When will the hell of procrastination be over?

18. "The majority of this essay is me bullshitting words."

Just get to 2,500 words. You can do it.

19. "I'm going to be a little late, because I CAN'T FIND A PARKING SPOT ANYWHERE ON THIS DAMN CAMPUS."

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Is it even worth going? I hear wine and my bed calling me at home.

20. "I can't really have too much fun during spring break, because midterms are the next week."

Isn't it called Spring BREAK for a reason?

21. "I only got a B on this test. What did you get?" (OR ANY OTHER UNNECESSARILY COMPETITIVE COMMENT)

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A life without competing for the better grade sounds like heaven.

22. "I can't go to dinner. I need to spend my meal points."

Because you don't get that money back, and you don't want an angry mom.

23. "Does anyone have any extra meal points?"


There has to be some freshman around here vying for my approval.

24. "I have three finals on the same day."


Why are you doing this to me during my last semester of college?

25. "Is getting another degree worth not going into the real world?"

Maybe I can just have it as a fallback in case I can't find a job...but then that means more tests.

26. "What am I going to do with my life?"


Well, actually that never goes away, but you're all in it together.

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