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    22 Things All PBS Kids Will Never Forget

    Come on and zoom.

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    1. The relatable love-hate sibling relationship between Arthur and D.W.



    SO REAL.

    2. And the super-depressing episode when Brain had the worst day ever.


    3. Hoping that one day, your class would be featured on A Word From Us Kids.


    Just maybe one day...

    4. Wishing your science teacher was as cool as Bill Nye the Science Guy.



    5. Or as wacky and fashionable as Ms. Frizzle.


    Even though she put her students in serious danger every day.

    6. And the time she let her students get um... fertilized... by fish.

    PBS / Scholastic Entertainment / Via

    At least they had the protection of an egg.

    7. Being absolutely terrified by Arty Smartypants from Between the Lions.


    He's what nightmares are made of.

    8. Having your sexual awakening caused by the Kratt brothers.


    Just sayin'...

    9. Desperately wanting to find a duplicate dragon scale and go to Dragon Land.


    "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart."

    10. The feeling that anything was possible after watching Reading Rainbow.

    11. Feeling really uneasy and creeped out after watching Teletubbies.


    Po can stay, but everyone else, including the baby-sun hybrid, needs to get out.

    12. Having this entire speech committed to memory because you saw it after every show.


    That's right. Viewers like me.

    13. Hoping to be as cool and fabulous as Carmen Sandiego one day.


    14. Knowing Zoom's address better than your own...


    15. ... because you wanted to be a cast member more than anything else.


    All you needed was a colorful shirt, some jeans, and a pair of black and white sneakers.

    16. And the struggle of trying to learn Ubbi Dubbi.

    It's so secret.

    17. Seriously wondering why Caillou didn't have any hair.


    HE'S 4 YEARS OLD. Four-year-olds have hair.

    18. When you got to see The Berenstain Bears come alive.


    Everything you got from the Scholastic Book Fair came right off the page!

    19. Being thankful that planes and helicopters didn't actually have scary faces like in Jay Jay the Jet Plane.


    Who thought this was a good idea?

    20. The farting sound Boohbahs would make when they'd fly.

    PBS / Via

    You will never understand this show as hard as you try and as old as you get.

    21. Hoping one day you'd get a dog like Clifford.


    Literally a noble steed.

    22. And finally, when you made the heartbreaking discovery that Zoboomafoo had passed on to PBS heaven.

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