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28 Things ’00s Kids Used To Say That Today's Youths Won't Get

Why am I so low in your Top 8?

1. "Is your MySpace song about me?"

2. "Should I get the LG Chocolate or Sidekick?"

3. "Why am I so low in your Top 8?"


5. "Do I look xxscenexx enough?"

6. "What song were those lyrics from in your away message?"

7. "I want my hair to look like Lizzie McGuire's."

8. "My Limewire isn't working. WHAT IF I GOT A VIRUS FROM IT?!"

9. "I’m scared my parents will see me looking at the sex section of CosmoGirl.”

10. “I accidentally sucked up the gel in my Gelly Roll pen.”

11. "YOU JUST GOT PUNK'D." *puts on Von Dutch trucker hat*

12. "I put a ton of new icons on my Xanga account."

13. "I've mastered the art of T9."

14. “YA NASTY.”

15. "I'm stuck between Curious and Glow."

16. "Teen drinking is very bad… YO, I GOT A FAKE ID THOUGH.” *begins awkward grinding with crush*

17. "Jesus is my homeboy."

18. "ASL? Wanna cyber?"

19. "It’s actually a Murakami bag."

20. "Is this chicken or fish?"

21. "Is my webcam on?"

22. "It’s a scrunchie made of hair, actually."

23. "i just got a gift card to Limited Too!"

24. "I made you a mix CD but it's scratched and skips my favorite song."

25. "I have to clean my room in case Room Raiders shows up."

26. "I'm excited for winter just to wear my yeti boots."

27. "Hold on a second. I need to blow up my furniture."

28. "Fo' shizzle."