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This High School Teacher Got All His Students To Help Him Propose To His Girlfriend

These students deserve an A+.

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Jonathan Holt, a teacher at Chalmette High School in Chalmette, Louisiana, got nearly the entire student body to help him create the perfect proposal, and it was adorable.

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Holt told BuzzFeed, "I knew it was going to be a special moment — the beginning of an epic life together — and I wanted to involve as many people as possible because the more people that can share that feeling, the more powerful it is."

Holt and his now-fiancé, Iris, both 25, teach at the same high school, so naturally, Holt wanted to get the students involved.

When third period rolled around on a school day, and everything was set up, Holt put his plans in motion.

"The principal pulled Iris out of her room for a fake meeting in his office. I ran into her classroom with Jose and we quickly set up," Holt said.

He ran into Iris' room and started handing out Ring Pops to the students to "propose" to her.

"I asked who the class clown was," Holt said. "They all pointed to a kid in the back. I said, 'OK, you — you need to propose to Ms. Howorth with your ring pop when the time is right. Then everyone else follow suit — make it natural.'"

While all this was going on, Jonathan waited behind the stairwell organizing the school band to prep for her to say yes.

Finally, after all the students did their part, Holt walked in and popped the question.

And OF COURSE she said yes! The band played as they walked down the hall, while other students released balloons.

"Walking out to the sound of the brass band was such a great feeling. I'm just glad we had an opportunity to share our moment with so many other people," Holt said.

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