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These Buddies In China Live Their Lives According To "Friends"

"My real name is George, but you can call me Joey."

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In i-D's recent minidoc, they discover there is a man in Beijing who has fully devoted his life to Friends, and even owns a Central Perk of his own that you can visit!

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Meet Gunther, the Friends megafan who owns and operates an exact replica of Central Perk in Beijing.

The coffee shop has everything from Chandler and Joey's favorite TV show, Baywatch, to the Lionel Richie album Chandler listened to after breaking up with Janice. He also made a replica of the famous frame on Monica's door.

There's even an in-house cat named none other than Smelly Cat.

Gunther started watching Friends after going through a bad breakup, and he was instantly hooked.

He found his "Rachel" and he even named his little boy Joey!

But Gunther isn't the only Friends superfan. Groups of buddies in China live their lives through the TV show and meet up at Central Perk daily.

They each identify with one character, from Joey to Monica. They explained, because of the politics in China, it's hard for them to have a show like Friends.

This Joey even has his own Hugsy!

Gunther said, "We all want to live this dream and never wake up."

Same, Gunther. Same.

Don't forget to visit Central Perk the next time you go to Beijing...if ever.
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