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The Cast Of "Napoleon Dynamite" Then And Now

SPOILER: Kip is kinda hot.

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Tina Majorino (Deb)

Fun Fact: Napoleon Dynamite was the first movie Tina Majorino starred in after taking a five-year break from acting. Majorino told MovieWeb, "The main reason that I wanted to be a part of Napoleon Dynamite was because it was a comedy, and I hadn't really gotten an opportunity to do any humor in films before."

Jon Gries (Uncle Rico)

Fun Fact: Many people have said Jon Gries was a vegetarian and spit out the steak in every one of his scenes. However, in his 2014 Reddit AMA, he said he was not a vegetarian and didn't like the steak because he thought it was gross.

Diedrich Bader (Rex)

Fun Fact: Despite much of the film using improv, Bader never strayed from the script. He told the AV Club, "It’s word for word ... because the script was so funny that I didn’t feel any need to improvise."

Aaron Ruell (Kip)

Fun Fact: Aaron Ruell got actual braces for the role. He told IGN in 2004, after suggesting Kip have braces, "I just assumed that we'd be able to Hollywood it up and there would be some temporary things I'd put in... flash-forward to, you know, showing up at Jared's place a week before shooting and I'm in the orthodontist's chair getting real braces attached to my teeth."