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What Happens When Today's Teens Get Handed Encyclopedias

"It was Google back in the day."

The Fine Bros. handed some youths a stack of encyclopedias, and they were so confused. Get ready to feel old AF.

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Ah yes, before the WORLD WIDE WEB, there sat the encyclopedias waiting to be cracked open for a research paper. So. Many. Books.

When asked what exactly encyclopedias were, the teens all assumed that they were internet before the internet, "way back in the day."

And as for what sources they use today:

This girl would make any teacher proud:

When given the task to search "reading," the teens felt the struggle many of us know too well.

And what about that $2,000 price tag EVERY FEW YEARS.

As for the possible death of paper books? Most of the teens weren't ready to even think about it.

You can watch their whole struggle here.