22 Sweaty Memories You’ll Never Forget As A Volleyball Player

You can already feel the burn on your arms.

1. Having to get through practice with a smile on your face on days you forgot your knee pads.

2. The moment you accepted your height may never change.

3. Having to practice dives over and over again until your body gives out.

4. The moment you realized your coach’s corrections are forever ingrained in your mind.

5. Creating chants for perfect kills and aces.

6. When one of the players royally screws over the whole team and causes your coach to lose his or her shit.

Univision / Via reddit.com

I mean, I guess I want to do suicide drills for the rest of practice…

7. Watching your brand new manicure slowly chip away right in front of you at practice.

broke a nail by playing volleyball today. took one for the team #MVP

— catbug ♡ (@likescats_)

8. Accepting the small possibility that someone’s powerful hit could nail you in the face and kill you.

That awkward moment when a girl on your team get hit in the face with a volleyball

— Bailey Watthuber (@BaileyWatthuber)

9. Not really having a summer because of all the hellacious two-a-days.


10. The infinite wedgie.

Volleyball problems #caughtintheact

— L€rd $cum (@TaylorGangValen)

11. Successfully pancaking the ball for the first time.

12. The smell of your brand new Mizunos.

picked up these beauties today #volleyballproblems

— KC ॐ (@caaasey_cal)

13. The sweet sweet thrill of your first kill.

Paramount Pictures / Via agentvspromoter.tumblr.com

14. And that beautiful “block party.”

#FIVBMensGCC USA bring block party to Kyoto, beating host team Japan http://t.co/DAMTzg9fKY

— FIVB Volleyball (@FIVBMensGCC)

15. The slow burn from dig after dig.

I wasn't kidding when I said my arms would be bruised... getting ready for D1 volleyball folks ☝️

— taylor marin (@taaayyoo)

16. Getting hit in the back of the head by someone’s shoddy attempt at a serve.

20th Century Fox

17. Thinking you were super intimidating strolling into a tournament with all your gear on.

Cool kids don't go to school too much #volleyballproblems

— Cori ❁ (@Ayeeitscori)

18. Slippin’ into these fashion gems after the game.

Crocs and volleyball

— Katie Crofford (@katiecrofford6)

19. Yelling “mine” or “I go” to anything that comes your way.

20. Getting that game day braid just right.

True best friends French braid your hair before your volleyball game.

— Classy Southern Prep (@PeachyGAPrep)

21. The uncontrollable excitement before your first game of the season…

Ive been wearing my ankle braces, and volleyball shoes all day. #2moredays

— Rebecca Strickland (@Becklynn_xoxo)

22. … And the overwhelming sadness before your last.

Our last volleyball game, love you guys ❤ #tbt

— Maddie Watkins (@maymaydubs)


The Weinstein Company

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