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22 Soul-Crushing Facebook Habits That Need To Be Stopped

Send me one more Candy Crush invite. I dare you.

1. The cryptic status.

2. As well as the call for thoughts and prayers with no explanation.

3. The "I believe everything I read" post.

4. The ~social experiment~.

5. Getting poked.

6. The humblebrag.

7. Straight-up bragging.

8. The creepy overshare.


Dies from awkwardness.

9. The "look at how healthy I am, bitch."

10. The political rant.

11. And the anger-filled rant.

12. The message for lives in Farmville/Candy Crush/ANY GAME.

Relativity Media

Ask me one more time. I dare you.

13. The "I know this is good but I need reaffirmation" status.

14. The duckface selfie-a-day post.

15. And the LOOK AT MY KID. ISN'T IT CUTE daily update.

16. A novel of how much you love your S.O. and your journey together.

17. And anything with the word "hubby."


18. The "here's a play-by-play of what I'm doing every minute at work."

19. Using absurdly long hashtags unironically.

20. The "PLEASE like my band page" PSA.

21. Posting anything about how much you work out.

22. And finally, the ever-elusive chain letter.