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Sororities On Instagram Vs. Sororities In Reality

Pi Beta Ph— I need a filter.

Recruitment on Instagram:

Recruitment in reality:

Flickr: quinnanya / Via Quinn Dombrowski

There are a LOT of attitudes going on.

The rush room on Instagram:

The rush room in reality: / Via

I have no idea what I'm going to talk to you about.

Pref Night on Instagram:

Pref Night in reality:


"Time is going by so fast." *Ugly cries all around*

Bid Day on Instagram:

Bid Day in reality:

Hundreds of emotionally damaged women in one small space.

Mixers on Instagram:

Mixers in reality:

Flickr: coldtaxi

Ah, yes, my date is hammered.

Greek housing on Instagram:

Greek housing in reality:

Flickr: conchur / Creative Commons

"So like, are we going to clean soon?"

Finding a formal date on Instagram:

Finding a formal date in reality:

FOX / Via

This is harder than expected...

Formals on Instagram:

Formals in reality:


Everyone is drunk and it's dark, but I'm not sure I want to see what's happening.

Chapter on Instagram:

Chapter in reality:


Will there be food?

Getting a big on Instagram:

Getting a big in reality:


"This is great... but have I met you yet?"

Trying to prep for bake sales on Instagram.

Trying to prep for bake sales in reality: not my forté. Welp, better call the bakery and fake my way in.

Being crafty on Instagram:

Being crafty in reality:

"This cooler is going to be SO EASY. There's no way it's going to take me days to make."

Philanthropies on Instagram:

Philanthropies in reality:

Flickr: sofakingon / Creative Commons

Faceplanting in front of everyone I know? Yay...

Competing on Instagram:

Competing in reality: / Via ABC

Never ever, ever, lose.

Sisterhood on Instagram:

Sisterhood in reality:

Via Pepperdine Delta Gamma

Through thick and thin we're always there for each other.

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