22 Important Life Skills You Learned As A Vacation Bible School Kid

It’s like camp, but with Jesus.

1. Got a question about Jesus? You know more about his life than your own.

2. You know exactly when to scream TOUCHDOWN during “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline.

3. The “Pharaoh Pharaoh” dance is one of your many talents.

4. You’re able to make a pre-32 AD costume out of anything.


6. Because of Vacation Bible School, you are the master of themed parties.

Take a LOOK at our Wacky Wilderness Vacation Bible School supplies! It's super cute ... http://t.co/1Xx9yVJhSE

— Shindigz (@Shindigz)

7. You know all the clever Jesus phrases out there.

In vacation bible school, we got band aids that say "Jesus Heals". This meant so much to me! ❤

— Recover with God. † (@RecoverWithGod)

8. VBS taught you the art of crushin’.

9. When there is a fountain flowing, you know it only matters when it’s flowing deep and wide.

10. You have a knack for creating jazzy name tags.

Vacation bible school's version of James Avery

— Elizabeth Low (@elizabeth_loww)

11. Because you’ve been put in horrible groups, your social skills are out of this world.

My face when I get assigned a crappy group in vacation bible school

— Devin CrashMyCarMore (@DevinAshmore)

12. Your acting abilities stem solely from VBS storytelling.

Hahaha here is little peak into the vbs story room. LOL

— Jordan Small (@JordanLarge)

13. It’s where you learned that there are no small parts.

14. Presentation skills blossomed as soon as you hit the stage on talent night.

she decided to do the Dora theme song for talent night @ vbs..lol

— Miss Lainaa. (@jalainamariee)

15. Crafting with beads comes naturally to you.

16. Not to mention, your “God’s Eye” game is off the charts.

17. You can spot a potential Jesus when you see ‘em.

18. You can apply a Bible verse to any situation.

Verse the kids learned this week!!! #VBS #AgencyD3 @AllenMemorial

— Pam Kennedy (@runningnut2012)

19. Upon meeting new people, you have a long list of icebreakers ready.

20. You have the enviable skill of being able to wear a shirt five days in a row somehow without smelling bad.

Vacation Bible School… the only time i𠆝 be caught dead wearing the same shirt 5 days in a row.. #vbs #loveit

— Carol Schoenrock (@springwidow)

21. If someone were to give you a stack of paper, you could make an entire set out of it.

22. You can take a damn good group photo.

But one thing you didn’t learn, was gaining the patience to wait a whole year to go back.

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