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26 Secrets All Struggling Actors Won't Tell You

Do it for the craft.

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1. You have taken at LEAST one embarrassing headshot from a creepy person who thought they knew what they were doing.

2. And one where you wanted to look like just a nice person, but ended up looking way too uncomfortable instead.

3. If another person tells you that you're wasting your time, you might possibly implode.



4. You've been mistaken for a crazy person while practicing your lines alone before an audition.


5. You've mastered the art of being an extra.



6. This is your life every day.

7. There ARE IN FACT small parts, and it will definitely feel like it once you're on set.

8. You've met a ton of... characters... at your improv classes.


9. There are multiple copies of your headshots in your car and purse at all times.

10. You've highlighted more things as an adult than as a student.

Scripts. Scripts, everywhere.

11. You love being told you have a unique look.


12. But that all goes out the window once you see everyone at your audition looks like carbon copies of you.


13. Before every audition you give yourself a pep talk and meticulously pick your outfit.


Gotta look relatable!

14. Working on student films are the bane of your existence.

Oh sure, I'll work an EIGHT HOUR DAY for free.

15. You've struggled with the catch-22 that a ton of auditions are SAG only, but you have to get a ton of auditions in order to be SAG eligible.

16. You've edited your own demo reel.

Savin' money y'all.

17. And have printed your own headshots after forgetting to order more.

18. You've accepted the fact that you've taken jobs you may regret once you get famous.


19. You get sick of being called the dramatic one of your friends.


I'm just trained to display real emotion easily, okay?

20. You've seen the same people at auditions so many times, you've become best friends.

21. "We'll keep in touch" or "thanks for your time" are the worst things you could hear.


22. You've questioned if you went to the right audition multiple times.

23. You will maybe get offered a role every twenty auditions or more.

24. And you've also accepted the fact that people do in fact sleep their way to the top.

25. When you do finally get on camera somehow, you can't help but humblebrag.


26. You tend to question if it is all in fact worth it.

But in the end, you know every actor goes through the same thing on their way to the top.


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