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23 Reasons Why Your Theatre Family Is The Only Family You Need

"I found the theatre and I found my home."

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1. Because they don't look at you like you're a weirdo when you suddenly burst into song and dance.

2. And they never get tired of your theatre references and dramatics.

3. Becuase no one else understands the excitement of learning what your next show is going to be.


4. And they're the only ones who make you feel less crazy when it seems like your director is making zero sense.

5. Because no one else has more fun with stage makeup...

6. ...even if it means taking three hours and developing thousands of pimples for the perfect look.

7. Because there's always someone who is willing to gush over theatre royalty with you.

8. And, no matter what, there will never fail to be a friend who has your back when someone says theatre is stupid.


9. Because there will always be another horribly placed "Townsperson" to commiserate with.

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10. Or another person that didn't get the part they thought they were PERFECT for.


11. Because there's nothing like creeping on a budding romance between cast members.

12. Or watching a high tension argument between a cast member and director.

13. Because you'll always have a group of people who feel your pain when tech week is on the horizon.


14. But when tech week starts feeling like hell, at least one cast member will never fail to tell you they believe in the show.

15. Because no one else has the ability to keep their sanity during a twelve hour tech rehearsal day.

16. Even if it means sitting for six hours waiting to actually go on stage.


17. And when your final dress rehearsal has gone to shit, there will always be a person waiting in the wings to catch your tears.

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18. Because no one else understands the excitement and fear minutes before opening night.

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19. And only theatre kids could know the epic feeling of getting through a show without one mistake.

20. Because when it's your final show, you're not the only one who smells a little musty.

21. And no matter what, there's always a person willing to compete with you for who can be the quietest backstage.

22. Because when it comes down to it, nobody else understands the emotional roller coaster that is the circle of theatre life.

23. And when the house lights go down after the final show, there's no group you'd rather be with.


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