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24 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Only Valentine You Need

Cheers to those kind dog souls who retrieve our hearts.

1. First of all, they're always excited to see you, even if you don't surprise them with roses.

2. They'd also be the perfect drinking partner...

3. ... And they love food just as much as you.

4. Your pup would probably even cook you the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast.

5. They're even willing to help with the dishes afterwards.

6. They know how to dress for any special occasion and would be one dapper date.

7. Your dog gives the best hugs in the world (better than any human)...

8. ... And they don't mind a little PDA to show you just how much they love you.

9. They never fail to tell you how proud they are of everything you do.

10. They make great dancing partners, no matter the song.

11. And your dog's willing to put up with a friend they don't like if it means hangin' out with you.

12. They're really easy to buy gifts for and they love a good surprise.

13. They don't mind taking a ton of pictures if it means getting the perfect selfie with you.

14. They're totally up for researching the perfect date spot if you can't think of one...

15. ...Because they don't let any obstacle get in their way.

16. They appreciate and get excited about anything from you, even if it's just one treat.

17. They love spending the day inside, just lounging and watching Netflix, because they're that addicted to That '70s Show too.

18. And they're the perfect cuddler when you want to be the little spoon.

19. They know when to cut you off from your chocolate binge so you won't get a stomach ache.

20. They actually love holding hands and taking long walks on the beach.

21. And they're not opposed to a spontaneous afternoon swim, even if it means skinny dipping.

22. They're even always up for trying something new no matter how scary, because it means being with you.

23. Your dog will do whatever it takes just to put a smile on your face...

24. ... And they'll never leave your side, no matter what.