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25 Reasons Why Labradors Are The Only Friends You'll Ever Need

They're practically pawfect in every which way.

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1. First of all, let's jut take a moment to look at this face.

4. Let's not forget how cuddly they are.

11. And let's just talk about the fact that THEY ACTUALLY GIVE HUGS.

12. Because they look adorable, not matter what kind of mess they make.

14. Because they're always up for a ride in the car, no matter where you're going.

15. And they'll never turn down for an adventurous walk.

17. On land or sea, they know how to help you get some zen.

21. ...even if it means doing the dishes.

22. Because they know what it means to be a true friend.

23. And their loyalty lasts a lifetime.

25. ...because they grow up faster than you think.