25 Reasons Why Crutches Are The Spawn Of The Devil

Even though they hold you up, you still can’t stand them.

1. You can’t ever hold ANYTHING…

2. …So you must invent new ways to carry things.

3. Your armpits become bruised to their very cores.

4. Stairs become your biggest hurdle.

5. You must think of creative ways to keep up to the same pace as your friends.

6. People can hear you coming from a mile away because they’re so loud.

7. Anything with wheels become your best friend.

So do you guy remember the time I was on crutches,so you hauled me around in a wagon.. @riannesathug @darbylucille

— Kayla Bernard (@Kaylasthugnasty)

8. ANYTHING but the crutches.

enjoy this pic of bella trying to crawl as an alternative to using her crutches

— cali (@caalissaa)

9. Because you’re sick of moving, you spend a ton of time sitting, dwelling alone in your thoughts.

All these crutches but you still ain't fallin for me

— eegreayagah (@gregwilson25)

10. It sucks getting in and out of the car with them.

11. People always want to take your crutches, because “they look fun.”

When I steal @MoriarityNicole crutches #yerwelcome #selfie

— Anna (@moriarityanna)

12. You can’t have a normal night out.

Crutches to the bar....? @catwoman1008 @mcguirkerin #dedication

— Ariana Long (@longgg29)

13. Exercise has become a thing of the past.

Doc this morning told me to take my crutches and walk round the block #jobdone

— 39 Stone Cyclist (@39stonecyclist)

14. If your crutches fall on the floor, you have to complete an awkward balancing act to pick them up.

15. Walking through inclement weather? It’s all over.

the biggest struggle goes to Tate for having to walk up the drive way on crutches in the snow ❄️

— Rylee Manka (@ryleemanka)

16. Your arms and back are severely sore from all the upper body work.

17. Even giving them googly eyes won’t make them better.

@mermhart me and my friend thought this was a good way to decorate her crutches

— Lauren Kenworthy (@KLauren57)

18. You pray for someone to open the door for you, because it’s nearly impossible.

Kevin was trying to open the door today on crutches

— Peso!✈️ (@AlexDraughn)

19. Blisters on blisters.

20. You’ve debated bearing the pain and just walking.

Who carries crutches to school?

— Meagan Pankratz (@meagan_pankratz)

21. You’d rather hold it than get up to go to the bathroom.

I have to go to the bathroom. My crutches are so close, yet so far. #SOS

— Kelsey Finigan (@kfin1221)

22. You have a permanent smell of sweaty rubber on your hands from the grips.

23. No matter what, they will ALWAYS make you fall at least once.

Dear students at AAHS, I'm going to fall about 1000 times tomorrow in the hallways cause I can't use crutches.

— David Simmons™ (@DaveySims12)

24. Only fellow crutch-goers can truly feel your pain.

50 RTs and I'll ask this other guy with crutches to race me

— Shawn Doze (@ShawnDoze)

25. You count down the days until you can say goodbye to these bastards.

"darissa, where are your crutches?!" "They're with Jesus"

— (@darissaa_)

Dear crutches, thanks for doing us the solid of helping us walk, but the tribe has spoken…it’s time for you to die a slow death. Best wishes. <3 Humanity

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