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26 Questions "Gossip Girl" Left Unanswered

Dear Dorota's children, WHERE ARE YOU?

1. How did Chuck still look flawless after doing all the drugs?

2. Why did the only black characters show up just in time for Black History Month and leave soon after?

The powerful family shows up right in time for February and are never seen again in May.

3. Where are Dorota's kids during the day? WHO WATCHES THEM?

4. Why did everyone suddenly drop out of the colleges they tried so hard to get into?

5. Speaking of which, how did Nate become the editor-in-chief of a magazine as a 20-year-old college dropout?

6. Why was Blair OK with getting pimped out to Chuck's uncle?

7. Why did Chuck's mom actually leave him?

8. Why was everyone so casual when Serena thought she killed a dude?

9. I get that they're ~rich and famous~ but how was everyone getting into bars at 16 and hooking up with people over 18?

10. Why was Lily and the whole clan able to forgive William for giving her fake cancer?

11. Did Bart fake his death just so he didn't have to deal with Chuck?

12. Who was in the casket at Bart Bass' first funeral?

13. How was everyone able to read Inside so damn fast?

14. Why did Vanessa choose to move to Barcelona out of all places?

15. Why in the hell did Juliet get off so easily after ATTEMPTING TO MURDER SERENA?!

16. Was that three-way with Lizzie McGuire necessary?

17. Why IN THE HELL would Dan not personally look at the paternity test?

18. WTF was with all the waffles?

19. IN WHAT WORLD was Rufus and Ivy having sex wrapped in a 1980s blanket OK?!

20. Why did it look like Jenny started wearing a wig in Season 3?

21. Why did Blair think changing into peasant clothes would be an effective disguise?

22. Why would Gossip Girl AKA Dan send out a blast implying he was cheating on Vanessa with Serena?

23. If Dan loved Serena, why would he say she had an STD?

24. Or better yet, why would he leave her for dead in that hotel room?

25. Also, why was everyone OK with Dan being Gossip Girl?

26. Why wasn't Dorota Gossip Girl?