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23 People You Eventually Meet At A Christian College

May the Lord be with you.

1. The RA who is determined to help you stay pure.

2. The RA who actually helps you sneak alcohol onto campus.

3. The friend who always has to let you know how much they're studying even if it's for a religion class that has nothing to do with their major.

4. The person who puts inspirational quotes over their abroad photos.

5. The girl who wants to get engaged before graduating.

6. That one person who writes Bible verses and inspirational quotes on various desks and book shelves.

7. The atheist who wants you to know he or she is an atheist.

8. The atheist who doesn't want you to know he or she is an atheist.

9. The person who doesn't believe in dating multiple people.

10. The person who leads every single activity on campus and makes you feel totally unproductive.

11. The devastatingly perfect hipster Christian couple.

12. And the girl who wears only Free People and looks amazing.

13. The one Jewish person you won't realize is Jewish until your first Christmas season together.

14. The person who picks up a ukulele or acoustic guitar and starts singing harmonized covers of every popular song out there.

15. The student who insists on the fact that they'll be a failure, but ends up having a steady stream of internships and graduates summa cum laude.

16. The rich "bro tank" bros.

17. The person who tags all their Instagrams with #SoBlessed.

18. The sorority girl who wants to make her chapter more spiritual.

19. The student who prefers to walk around barefoot for a cause.

20. The one clueless person who miraculously gets all their convocation credits in the last two weeks.

21. The person who you thought was totally nonreligious but ends up being more spiritual than you.

22. The person who says they're tolerant but clearly judges you for partying.

23. And the people who don't judge you for anything.