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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    25 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Belong In A Museum

    Sometimes you want to be mean, but not like, too mean.

    1. This guy who acknowledged something even more important.

    2. This person who wants people to know there's a clear difference between a sink and a trash can.

    3. This person who was ready and waiting to poop in a pillow case.

    4. This person who let someone know their job is considered skill-less.

    5. This person who is now without a doormat.

    6. This person who knew exactly how to calm someone down.

    7. This person who has HAD IT UP TO HERE with the mop/broom B.S.

    8. This person who knows the true problem here.

    9. Whoever goes around supermarkets putting this note on eggs.

    10. This person who took the liberty of speaking for "the rest of existence."

    11. This person who really wishes they could use the Avada Kedavra spell.

    12. These people who are really against smoking.

    13. This person who got their point across with "simple math."

    14. This person who thinks the only excuse for not filling the kettle is having absurdly tiny arms.

    15. Whoever wrote this super rude fortune.

    16. This person who brought the sexual innuendo to a screeching halt.

    17. Whoever wrote this super secret message on this cup.

    18. Whoever gave this person their very own parking spot with chalk.

    19. This person who demanded more Snyder Pretzels.

    20. And the "custodian of the vending machine" who obliged.

    21. This office worker who used what they could to get the message across.

    22. Whoever created these environmental muffin cups ONLY IF YOU CARE about saving Mother Earth.

    23. This person who is obviously more into dogs.

    24. This person who got their anger out through their Wi-Fi name.

    25. And finally, whoever went to these lengths to deliver the message.