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    21 People Who Are Definitely Owning Tinder

    "Stay majestic."

    1. This guy, who would definitely take you out to Mexican food.

    2. This pickup artist.

    3. This thirsty, DEEP thinker.

    4. This American prince.

    5. This guy, who knows what's important.

    6. This guy, who is clearly Pee-wee Herman's twin.

    7. This girl who might cut you.

    8. This guy, who appears to be the real Benjamin Button.

    9. This girl, who hopefully isn't using Tinder like everyone else.

    10. This guy, who knows what's really good.

    11. This guy with a primo tattoo.

    12. This guy with incredible Photoshop skills.

    13. This fearless man.

    14. This guy, who is straight thuggin'.

    15. This guy, who takes mid-poop selfies.

    Candace Lowry / BuzzFeed

    16. This guy, who thinks farmer's tans are sexy as hell.

    17. This girl, who might need to take a spelling lesson or two.

    18. This girl, who got photobombed by someone much more important.

    19. Afshin, who needs to take it down a notch.

    20. This guy, whose body is clearly ready.

    21. And finally... this guy with unfortunate sweat stains.

    Good Luck!

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