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    People Were Given Sex Toys Thinking They Were Beauty Products And Hilarity Ensued

    "You put this nub in your mouth."

    C Fashion noticed that sex toys look eerily similar to beauty products. To prove this, they brought in individuals of all ages to test "cutting edge" makeup and beauty items that were actually... well, you know... and things got goofy.

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    Let's start with the ~anal probe~ aka curler?

    The participants were pretty stumped as to what this futuristic-looking thing was meant for.

    It's clearly a curling iron... RIGHT?!

    Let's try the lube.

    Sorry ladies, that isn't hand cream...

    The ~Pocket Rocket~ was a crowd favorite...

    ...and not in a sexual way.

    Maybe they'll catch on to the lipstick vibrator.

    Attagirl, you got it.

    Finally, the group was given an in-your-face vibrator.

    And they still were a little clueless.

    LOL, a good massage for sure.

    They were FINALLY let in on the joke, and they actually loved it.

    And this lady STILL kept her opinion about the lipstick.