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    Adults Were Challenged To Sit In A Hot Car For 10 Minutes And Lost Their Minds

    "I can only imagine how a child or baby would feel."

    Kars4Kids challenged adults to sit in a hot car for at least 10 minutes to win $100. They ended up failing and learned a shocking lesson about leaving anyone in a car.

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    Strangers were offered the chance to participate in the Hot Kar Challenge, which included being locked in the vehicle. If the heat became too unbearable, there was an emergency button.

    At first, the contestants were feeling pretty comfortable.

    But the heat and claustrophobia soon began to kick in.

    Many of them even had a hard time catching their breath.

    Finally, every person begged to get out of there before the 10 minutes was up. They were asked about leaving children in cars and one woman said, “I could press the button. They couldn’t press the button.”

    According to the video, each week one child dies of heatstroke from being left in a car.