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Alzheimer's Patients Talk About The Memories They Never Want To Forget

"I'll hold onto that for as long as I can."

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An Alzheimer's diagnosis can be extremely tumultuous and heartbreaking for the patient's loved ones, but what about for those who actually are going through it? Cut Video had men and women with the illness open up about the memories they never want to forget.

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Alzheimer's is an unforgiving disease, in which memories are erased one by one each day, and you never know which ones will be next. Sometimes, it can be what you did a couple hours ago...

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...or an old memory you never thought you'd forget.

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But there are some moments you never want to let go of, as hard as they were to take in at the time.

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They remind us that all life is fragile and unpredictable.

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There are also the memories that make you laugh at the absurdity in life...

Cut Video well as the memories that get you up and going in the morning.

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Although loved ones may eventually be forgotten, they will never forget about you.

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