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May 29, 2015

People Are Freaking Out Over This Amazing Duet Between Jessie J And A Fan


Jessie J released a video of herself singing "Flashlight" from Pitch Perfect 2, and left space in between for fans to create their own duets with her. Tom Bleasby tried it out and absolutely CRUSHED IT.

Facebook: video.php

Using a karaoke app by Smule, Bleasby nailed every single note.

"I've been on the Smule Sing app for several months," Bleasby told BuzzFeed. "Jessie J is the first prominent artist to join the app to promote her single. I've always been a fan of hers, I rushed as quick as I could to join her."

The video spread like wildfire and Bleasby was receiving praise from all over the internet, including celebs. "The response I got (virtually overnight) [floored] me. I never imagined so many people would enjoy the performance," Bleasby said.

@TomBleasby absolutely amazing voice Tom, your duet with Jessie j is breath taking 💗

@TomBleasby....cannot stop watching that duet..!! A star is born...wishing you all the luck in the world with your career Tom!! Fantastic xx

@TomBleasby AMAZING VOCALS! 👌the tone of your voice gave me goosebumps! You deserve much success with those heavenly rifs of yours 👼🎶

@TomBleasby Mate, You're voice is absolutely incredible, be proud of yourself, the videos reached Australia & I'm impressed! Was beautiful x

Can everyone do me a favour and go follow @TomBleasby AMAZINGLY talented singer from the UK.Remember the name because he is going to be HUGE

Even Jessie J herself was moved by the performance.

Some skeptics thought he might have been lip-synching, but let's be real, this Vine shut all his haters DOWN.

After the video went viral, Bleasby has been approached by multiple music producers, including BEYONCÉ'S.

Omg...i've had an email from one of Beyonce's producers and Perez Hilton says he loves the video. I'm in a daze.

The experience has been "beyond anything I could ever imagine. We all truly underestimate the power of social media. My life's direction has changed," Bleasby told BuzzFeed. Keep doing your thing, Tom!