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    Posted on Sep 28, 2015

    Old People Unboxed Sex Toys For The First Time And Were So Confused

    "Does a man stick his wee-wee in there?"

    All Def Digital decided to bring in a few senior citizens for the opportunity of a lifetime: seeing a Fleshlight in the flesh. Here's what happened:

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    Honest John got real honest about the good ole days, and was ready to see what was up in modern technology.

    Rhonda and Joyce opened up the Fleshlight and quickly decided to approach the situation cautiously.

    Meanwhile, the dirty old men were getting into it.

    The ladies were all sorts of confused, TBH, but saw Fleshlights as a great business model for us ladies out there.

    And the guys knew that owning one of these bad boys meant a lifetime in the dog house.

    Take note, men...and women.